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    Lithium polymer mobile phone battery are distributed in every corner of our lives. Applications include mobile phones, tablets, laptops, smart watches, mobile power supplies, emergency power supplies,


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    "The thinner the better" has always been the motto of Apple, and the success of the iPhone and iPad also proves that this is correct. Compared with the first generation of the iPad, the iPad


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    Phone battery is the energy storage tool for the mobile phone. It consists of three parts: the electric core, the protective circuit and the shell. The phone battery is usually used for lithium batter


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    A lot of people will think the internal battery is not durable, think the battery quality is not good, actually may be your usage method is wrong.The resolution of the sensible phone is obtaining high


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    Lithium ion battery is a kind of rechargeable battery. It mainly relies on the  movement of lithium ions between the positive electrode and the negative  electrode. The process of lithium io


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    Ipads are generally larger than mobile phones, but they are much thinner than laptops, so ipad batteries are different from mobile phone batteries. The mobile phone battery is a whole piece, and the i