• Why does your iPhone XR, XS, XSMAX shows error?

    All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan, Eparts battery will give you 50-150mAh extra capacity for your deveices, 600-800 cycle times to ensure your battery’s better performance and battery life


  • The Right to Repair

    In recent years, we have found it more and more difficult to repair the products we own, as many product manufacturers limit availability of parts to repair them, it affects every aspect of our lives.


  • ​Techniques for prolonging battery life

    <Reduce the number of charges>Since the number of times the battery is charged causes deterioration of the battery, it is advisable to use a cycle of 10 to 20% and then charge until the battery


  • 8 reasons your smartphone gets hot

    1.Problems with charging methodMaking a call or internet communication while the smartphone is charged is called "charging while charging". However, charging tends to generate heat due to th


  • What is the Lithium battery?

    Lithium batteries are everywhere in our lives. The most easily common is mobile phone battery we use. What is the Lithium battery? Now I will tell you.1.What is a lithium battery and how does it work?


  • Maximizing Battery Life and Lifespan

      Battery life” is the amount of time your device runs before it needs to be recharged. “Battery lifespan” is the amount of time your battery lasts until it needs to be replaced. Maximize both an


  • 12 tricks for saving your phone's battery life

    Here are the best ways to improve your iPhone or iPad's battery life, from system-wide settings worth tweaking to third-party apps that you should stop - or start - using in order to preserve batt


  • The circular economy behind your iPhone, a better environment by repairing

    What is E-waste?E-waste is another name for electronic waste. This includes all products with a plug, battery or cord. These devices contain sustainable raw materials such as gold, nickel and copper.


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