• How to reduce battery power consumption

    The same thing that has been explained on Android so far applies to the iPhone. According to Apple's homepage, if you repeat full charge to discharge 500 times, the battery capacity can only be ch


  • Analysis: Is battery life that big a deal?

    It’s no big secret that Apple devices, particularly iPhones, have rarely offered battery life good enough to be a key selling point. In fact, Apple phones tend to  fall behind many Android altern


  • 5 NG actions to shorten battery life

    Using a smartphone while chargingIf you use your smartphone while charging, the terminal and battery will generate heat, which may accelerate the deterioration of the battery. Heat is a great enemy fo


  • iPhone Battery Storage Instructions

    1. Lithium-ion batteries should be stored in a cool, dry, ventilatedenvironment, stay away from source of ignition and high temperatures. 2. Storage environment conditions: relative hum


  • What are the disadvantages of Lithium Ion batteries compared with other rechargeable batteries?

    Lithium-ion batteries are more expensive than similar capacity NiMH or NiCd batteries.  This is  because they are much more complex to manufacture.  Li-ion batteries actually include sp


  • Breaking down a lithium-ion battery's end of life

    ➤ The battery recycling market is traditionally driven by cobalt but may be shifting.➤ Lithium recycling rates are more subject to commodity demand.➤ Battery reuse and recycling rates are expected to


  • Apple Is Locking iPhone Batteries to Discourage Repair

    By activating a dormant software lock on their newest iPhones, Apple is effectively announcing a drastic new policy: only Apple batteries can go in iPhones, and only they can install them.If you repla


  • Sodium-Ion Battery Research Shows Promising Results

    Lithium is relatively rare and rather difficult to process for use in batteries. Sodium is abundant and easy to work with. There are chemical similarities between the two elements that suggest sodium-


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