How much electricity left is the best charging time for cell phone battery?

2018-03-30 14:03:12

How much power is left in the cell phone battery is charging the best?

Generally speaking, when the battery power of our mobile phone is below 15%, it will automatically alarm. It is better to connect to the power supply and charge directly.

cell phone battery of iPhone SE

In order to ensure that the cell phone does not automatically turn off the electricity, please link the charger around 15% of the cell phone battery power, start charging, and ensure that every charge will fill the cell phone battery, keep a complete cycle of lithium battery, thus helping to prolong the battery life.

If it is a new mobile phone, and only need to use the cell phone battery power less than 10% to start charging, do not need to overshoot, as long as it is full, overshoot the lithium cell phone battery is harmful and useless.

At ordinary times, we need to notice that when the battery power of the cell phone drops to the critical value, we can turn off the unnecessary program in the background, reduce the brightness of the screen and so on to reduce the consumption of cell phone battery.

It is worth noting that cell phone charging can not completely deplete cell phone batteries, which will lead to the tragedy of battery failure.