The life of the Lithium mobile phone battery will affect the replacement cycle of the mobile phone

2018-08-30 15:00:16

Most  of the smart phones are now using Lithium mobile phone battery. We generally think  that the number of charge and discharge cycles of Lithium mobile phone battery batteries is  about 300-500 times. So, what happens when the phone exceeds this cycle? Will it not be used or what?

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In  fact, this 300-500 cycle count is a complete charge and discharge  cycle, which refers to the battery from 0% to 100%, and then fully  discharged to 100% with 0%. In fact, this cycle is still quite long.

But  now this cycle is indeed completed quickly. First of all, most mobile  phones on the market currently support fast charging protocols, and 0%  to 100% can be realized in just over an hour. Secondly,  smart machines now use electricity too fast, and most of the phones use  (bright screen) for six or seven hours without power.

In this case, the 300-500 cycle will soon come back, then, after that? Under the national standard, the Lithium mobile phone battery capacity is above 80% after charging and discharging the battery for 500 times. This  is a national standard, that is to say, in accordance with this  standard, there will still be 80% of electricity after 500 charge and  discharge cycles.

But how many people are enough for 500 times? Heavy  use of the user, basically a year or so will reach the end of this  cycle, after the Lithium mobile phone battery will decay faster, then it is time to change  the phone..

Not  only the Lithium mobile phone battery is not working, the configuration should be updated,  the small house now thinks that Apple's mobile phone basically uses a  year, the Lithium mobile phone battery power drops sharply, it seems that Apple can really  understand the majority of users using the "machine" way.