iPad 2 slimming tips - Apple iPad 2 battery

2018-07-05 14:03:21

"The thinner the better" has always been the motto of Apple, and the success of the iPhone and iPad also proves that this is correct. Compared with the first generation of the iPad, the iPad2 has reduced its thickness from 13.4 mm to 8.8 mm and its weight has dropped from 700 to 600 grams. Apple iPad 2 battery is one of the keys to iPad2 slimming.

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In the iPad 2, the component with the largest reduction in thickness is the Apple iPad 2 battery system. The battery pack of the first generation iPad was 6.1 mm thick, while the thickness of the Apple iPad 2 battery assembly was reduced by 59% to 2.5 mm.

Compared to the iPad 1, the Apple iPad 2 battery design has changed a lot. Apple replaced the original two thicker batteries with three thinner batteries, reducing the thickness of the entire battery system. This new design also allows Apple to reduce the plastic support frame in the battery system, further reducing the thickness of the battery assembly. This design increases the power density of the Apple iPad 2 battery (ie, the ratio of battery life to battery quality) by 10%-15%.

In addition to the apple iPad 2 battery, the molded metal frame of the display is reduced by 17% compared to the iPad 1. In addition, the new glass process reduces the thickness of the glass assembly while maintaining its durability.