Is the third-party China iPhone battery really bad?

2018-03-29 14:03:23

In people's perception, the quality of the China iPhone battery produced by the third-party iPhone battery factory is not as good as the original one. People will subconsciously feel that the original China iPhone battery is the best, and the quality of other third-party batteries will be very poor, but in fact it is really Is this the case?

Obviously not. Some iPhone battery factory battery quality is really poor, but the quality of more third-partyChina iPhone battery is very good, regardless of the capacity, compatibility, life, appearance and other parameters, like the original Apple battery, which Eparts The phone tech factory is one that makes the iPhone battery very good.

China iPhone battery wholesale supplier

So what are the advantages of third-party China iPhone battery compared to the original ones?

1, the same quality, better price

Some high quality third party China iPhone battery have the same parameters and quality as the original batteries. But it is much cheaper in terms of price.

2, more convenient battery replacement:

If the official maintenance point replaces the battery, there is still a troublesome problem, that is, it can only be replaced after a series of official inspections and procedures, and then replaced after the conditions are met. The most convenient place to choose a third-party China iPhone battery is that there are not so many processes, and it doesn't take long. Buy it directly, then find someone to help or replace it yourself.

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