IPad 3 battery appearance and parameters

2018-05-12 14:03:24

Ipads are generally larger than mobile phones, but they are much thinner than laptops, so ipad batteries are different from mobile phone batteries. The mobile phone battery is a whole piece, and the ipad battery is made up of several batteries, such as ipad2, iPad 3 battery (ipad3 and Ipad4 uses the same battery) is made up of three batteries connected.

Because the ipad looks bigger and thinner. Therefore, the ipad battery must ensure that the capacity is sufficient, but it must be thin, so it is not difficult to understand this design. The iPad 3 battery is made up of three batteries, which ensures that it will not cause problems because the battery is too thin. Eparts also introduced the parameters of the iPhone 6 battery before, So what is the parameter of the iPad 3 battery?

OEM iPad 3 battery wholesale factory

iPad 3 battery type: non-removable lithium ion polymer battery


Capacity: 11000mAh

Cycle life: More than 300times

Life time: 10 hours

Nominal Voltage: 3.7V

Charge Voltage: Max.4.2V

Warranty: One Year

The above is the parameters of the iPad 3 battery. In fact, some OEM ipad battery factories in the market produce ipad battery parameters, the quality is the same as the original battery, but the price will be much cheaper.