Huawei cell phone battery can not charge how to do?

2018-09-09 14:03:26

In the process of using Huawei phone, we may encounter many problems. Today we will talk about the reason why Huawei cell phone battery is not charged.

1. Huawei cell phone battery does not charge, it may be that the battery has entered the sleep state. This is mostly because the user runs out of power and the phone automatically shuts down. The solution to this situation is to remove the battery, wait 5 minutes, then reinstall the battery.

Huawei cell phone battery

2. If the Huawei cell phone battery is not charged, it is necessary to check whether the original original charger is used. If you are using another charger, you will need to check if there is a problem with the charger or if the charger interface is damaged. This can be done by changing to a new charger.

3. If there is a mobile phone that can be connected to the charger for charging, but it is always full of dissatisfaction, then I need to check if the mobile phone system is out of order. Sometimes, some battery management software that protects the battery is installed for the phone, and when the software goes wrong, the battery is not full. You can use the universal charger to charge the phone battery and check if the Huawei cell phone battery is damaged. If the battery can be fully charged by universal charger, then the phone system should be repaired or brushed.

4. In addition to the above, the mobile phone charging interface is loose, the internal charging circuit of the mobile phone is short-circuited, etc., which will cause the Huawei cell phone battery to be charged. In this case, the mobile phone needs to be sent to a professional after-sales service outlet for maintenance.