Why Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery appear bulging?

2018-06-25 14:03:31

Samsung's Galaxy phone has been in use for a long time, and if you take it apart you may see a bulging battery, which we call phone the bulge. Why does Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery appear to be bulging? We need to understand the charging process and discharge process of Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery first.

1. Charging process of Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery

We all know that Samsung Galaxy mobile phone battery is a kind of lithium battery. Lithium ions are separated from the cathode lattice and embedded into the anode lattice by electrolyte driven by electric field.

If the voltage is lower than 3V, it should be pre-charged first. The charging current is 1/10 of the set current. When the voltage rises to 3V, it will enter the standard charging process. The standard charging process is: constant current charging with set current, when the battery voltage rises to 4.20V, change to constant voltage charging, keep the charging voltage to 4.20V. At this point, the charging current gradually decreases, and when the current drops to 1/10 of the set charging current, the charging ends. This is a normal lithium battery charging process, if the lithium battery exists in the intelligent device, its charging mode will be controlled by the intelligent device software.

2. Discharge process of Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery

The discharge process is just opposite to the charging process. The lithium ion returns to the positive electrode under the action of electric field, and the electrons come to the positive electrode and recombine with the lithium ion through the external circuit. When the battery is discharged, the electron E on the negative electrode runs from the external circuit to the positive electrode, and the positive lithium ion Li + jumps into the electrolyte from the negative electrode, climbs through the small curved hole in the diaphragm, swims to the positive electrode, and combines with the electrons that came earlier.

By understanding the charging and discharging process of Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery, we can understand that the capacity of the battery is actually the amount of charge contained in the battery. The larger the current and the faster the discharge, the shorter the battery will be used.

3. Why does Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery appear bulging?

(1) Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery protection circuit is unsafe:

This is usually the case when users buy cheap, low-quality cell phone batteries. Battery vendors cut corners to maximize profits. Battery protection circuitry is unsafe and may lead to overcharging during charging. Overcharging for a long time will lead to cell phone battery bulging, or even Explosion, so the purchase of batteries or the choice of high-quality cell phone batteries.

(2) Charger performance is not good:

Usually chargers cause battery problems in the most common cases, in general, the user will not care about their choice of mobile phone charger, often as long as you can use the convenience of a charger on the charge. These chargers are likely to be inexpensive chargers bought in irregular places. Without a safe protection circuit, the current charged by these chargers is generally relatively large. Occasionally, the charging problem may not be very big, but if they are used to charge for a long time, there may be an accident of battery expansion.

(3) To reasonably charge Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery:

Some users like to watch the mobile phone while charging, so that the mobile phone for a long time in a high temperature environment, continuous charging will lead to internal electrolyte side effects, long-term operation, will seriously affect the life of our mobile phone batteries, it is easy to expand the problem.

(4) Samsung Galaxy cell phone battery will also have an inflated problem if the cell phone is not used for a long time.

If our mobile phone is not used for a long time, the battery installed in the mobile phone will also expand, which is a long-term storage battery, so that the voltage slowly falls below 2V, so that internal chemical reactions will lead to the phone's lithium battery drum, which is often found when many users disassemble old mobile phones. Therefore, the most reliable way to store batteries for a long time is to charge the batteries to a semi-charged state periodically, thus prolonging their service life.