​Techniques for prolonging battery life

2021-07-29 10:04:26

<Reduce the number of charges>

Since the number of times the battery is charged causes deterioration of the battery, it is advisable to use a cycle of 10 to 20% and then charge until the battery is full so as not to charge the battery as much as possible.

<Complete charging before going to bed>

Many people have a habit of leaving the battery charged while sleeping, which causes the battery to deteriorate. To prevent this, it is good to take actions such as charging the battery as soon as you get home and completing it before going to bed. Of course, when the battery is full, it is important to remove it from the charger.

<Aware of battery heat>

The enemy of lithium-ion batteries is high temperature. There are various reasons why a smartphone has a fever, such as long-term use and keeping multiple apps running, but if you feel that your smartphone is hot, it is wise to refrain from using it until the main unit cools down.

Also, be careful about exposing your smartphone to high temperatures, such as leaving it in the car in midsummer. Not only the battery but also the smartphone itself may break down.

For the reason why the smartphone gets hot and the countermeasures, there is a detailed explanation in the article "Before it deteriorates or breaks down due to heat! Why the smartphone gets hot and how to deal with it", so if you are concerned about heat, please also check it out. Please read.