8 reasons your smartphone gets hot

2021-07-21 10:14:40

1.Problems with charging method

Making a call or internet communication while the smartphone is charged is called "charging while charging". However, charging tends to generate heat due to the high load on the battery, and it is known as a popular cause for smartphones to become hot along with quick charging, which also has a high load on the battery.

2.Charging cable is not compatible

It is possible that the cable used to charge the smartphone is not compatible and that the cable for the tablet terminal is used instead. Since the charging cable for tablet terminals may have a high voltage, the smartphone may generate heat if it is substituted because the terminals have the same shape.

3.Battery deterioration

As the battery deteriorates, it loses capacity, resulting in frequent discharge and charge. As a result, the load on the battery is applied and the heat of the battery raises the temperature of the smartphone.

4.High load on the app

Use of apps that make heavy use of fine graphics and animation such as games, and play videos. Also, if the load of operation is high not only for the application in use but also for the application running in the background, the heat generated from the CPU will cause the smartphone body to heat up.

In particular, recently, 4K video playback and games that make heavy use of 3D graphics are becoming more common, so there are more and more situations where smartphones tend to get hot.

5.I have been using my smartphone for a long time

Not only smartphones but also personal computers have heat when used for a long time, but personal computers have cooling devices such as CPU fans. Since smartphones are miniaturized, there is no such device, and if heat from the inside is not released and accumulates after long-term use, the smartphone will become hot.

In addition, the more waterproof the terminal is, the more confidential it is, so the internal heat is not released, which accelerates the heat.

6.Problem of the place where the smartphone is placed

If you put it in a hot place in the first place, the heat will heat your smartphone. If you place your smartphone in a place where it cannot dissipate heat, such as in a place exposed to direct sunlight or in a car in the summer, it will remain hot.

Also, if the radio wave is placed in an unstable place, the load of searching for the radio wave will be applied, which may cause heat.

7.High temperature in summer

Unlike before, the summers of recent years have become more and more life-threatening. The fact that this is harsh is the same for smartphones, and the high temperature in summer is the temperature of the smartphone, such as leaving the smartphone in a hot place for a long time or the place where it is placed on a daily basis tends to be hot. May be hot.

8.Place in direct sunlight

The sun's rays have the effect of radiation, and have the property of transmitting heat where it is exposed to direct sunlight. It may feel warm (hot) when exposed to direct sunlight, but heat is transferred to the smartphone in the same way as when exposed to direct sunlight. I don't think that the amount of sunlight that you get in your daily life will have the effect of making your smartphone hot, but be careful of places that are exposed to direct sunlight, such as the dashboard of a car in the summer, and places where heat tends to accumulate. is.