5 NG actions to shorten battery life

2021-07-15 15:04:01

Using a smartphone while charging

If you use your smartphone while charging, the terminal and battery will generate heat, which may accelerate the deterioration of the battery. Heat is a great enemy for lithium-ion batteries.

Keep charging (overcharge)

If the battery is fully charged and remains connected to the charger for a long time, the battery will deteriorate. For example, many people will be charging all the time while sleeping, but that is actually a bad behavior for lithium-ion batteries.

However, smartphones in recent years have a function that does not accept further charging when charging is completed, so it is said that it will prevent overcharging, so it can be said that there is no need to worry as much as before.

Leaving with no battery remaining (over-discharge)

Leaving the battery for a long time without charging it when there is no remaining electronic power can also cause battery deterioration.

Frequent charging

Frequent charging, such as charging each time the battery is depleted, will reduce the performance of the battery.

High temperature

Heat generation due to excessive use is not good for the battery, but it should not be left in a hot environment such as in a place exposed to direct sunlight or in a car under the scorching sun. The maximum permissible ambient temperature for lithium-ion batteries is specified at 45 degrees.