What is the Lithium battery?

2021-06-28 10:47:32

Lithium batteries are everywhere in our lives. The most easily common is mobile phone battery we use. What is the Lithium battery? Now I will tell you.

1.What is a lithium battery and how does it work?

A lithium battery, also known as a lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery, is an electrical energy storage device. In other words, it is an energy accumulator that allows its use by a device it is attached or connected to. Once consumed, it can be recharged and reused in a limited way.

The operation of the lithium battery is based on the use of lithium salts as an electrolyte that eases the reversible electrochemical reaction between the cathode and the anode. Lithium ions flow from cathode to anode, sending this current and feeding the device to which the battery is attached at that time.

2. Advantages and Disadvantages Lithium Batteries

Lithium batteries are very popular and mostly used by manufacturers to power electronic devices. This is due to their undeniable advantages over other types of batteries. But in our opinion, they also have some notable disadvantages.


· Light and compact

· Not prone to the memory effect

· Charging stability

· High voltage per cell: 3.7 V


· Sensitive to external conditions

· Overheat easily

· High production cost

3.Use and Compatibility

In our opinion, the first thing we have to be clear about is why we need a lithium battery. Certain electronic devices share features and power parameters. Thus, the same battery can be used in the TV remote, a wireless mouse, or a toy car, for example.

That is not always the case. Each device will withstand a different voltage, and if we use the wrong batteries which don’t fit best for the device, two things can happen: the power will be insufficient (the device will not work), or it will be excessively high (burning the device). Hence the importance of using the best-fitted battery, to avoid accidents and frustration.

4.Physical Characteristics

In addition to technical or energy characteristics, in our opinion, we also have to identify the best format from a physical point of view. Lithium batteries have very varied geometric shapes: flat, rectangular, cylindrical, or rounded. Each one will fit in certain devices, but not in any or all.

Beyond compatibility and physical fit, there are other variables that we can assess. Then, if the format we need is rectangular, we will seek within the range of rectangular lithium batteries and test the ones that have the exact size.

5.Power and Voltage

Voltage can basically be defined as the force or pressure at which power goes out from the battery to the device. Each device will have a different voltage and, using the wrong battery can cause your device to not function properly (or at all), or may even damage it. This means it is critical to use the battery with the correct power and voltage best fitted for your device. The output voltage range of lithium batteries is very wide, depending on the device to be powered. In our opinion, it is the basic feature we must test before buying a lithium battery.