Why does your iPhone XR, XS, XSMAX shows error?

2020-12-05 10:10:50

There are some of customers from repair shops or resellers says after they they revise the batteries in phones, customers think they were done wrong,  or using poor quality batteries. IT WAS NOT TRUE. 


If you see the message from Battery Health interface, battery health might Shows “Service” and Maximum Capacity shows  “-”, Important Battery Message shows “unable to verify this iPhone has a geniune  Apple battery. Health information not avaliable for this battery,” 


This alert could confuse consumers. In the meanwhile, we open one Brand new iPhone battery then install to an old phone, same message appears again. No matter if it is a third party battery replacement, or a brand new Apple geniune battery, it will shows up this warning message.


Why the notice appears?


It because Apple started a new program that allows independent Apple Authorized Sellers to qualify and have access to activate a dormant software lock on their iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max, it is not a scam Apple are just trying to get customers to buy there expensive repairs.


All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan, Eparts battery will give you 50-150mAh extra capacity for your deveices, 600-800 cycle times to ensure your battery’s better performance and battery life.


If you cant detect battery quality, you can still see what your batteries health is if you use battery diagnostic software on a pc or Mac such as 3u tools, or itools. So you can plug phone in and check the health on that if you want to know what it is as well as the important message.


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