• Why does your iPhone XR, XS, XSMAX shows error?

    All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan, Eparts battery will give you 50-150mAh extra capacity for your deveices, 600-800 cycle times to ensure your battery’s better performance and battery life


  • The Right to Repair

    In recent years, we have found it more and more difficult to repair the products we own, as many product manufacturers limit availability of parts to repair them, it affects every aspect of our lives.


  • How to reduce battery power consumption

    The same thing that has been explained on Android so far applies to the iPhone. According to Apple's homepage, if you repeat full charge to discharge 500 times, the battery capacity can only be ch


  • Analysis: Is battery life that big a deal?

    It’s no big secret that Apple devices, particularly iPhones, have rarely offered battery life good enough to be a key selling point. In fact, Apple phones tend to  fall behind many Android altern


  • ​Techniques for prolonging battery life

    <Reduce the number of charges>Since the number of times the battery is charged causes deterioration of the battery, it is advisable to use a cycle of 10 to 20% and then charge until the battery


  • 8 reasons your smartphone gets hot

    1.Problems with charging methodMaking a call or internet communication while the smartphone is charged is called "charging while charging". However, charging tends to generate heat due to th


  • 5 NG actions to shorten battery life

    Using a smartphone while chargingIf you use your smartphone while charging, the terminal and battery will generate heat, which may accelerate the deterioration of the battery. Heat is a great enemy fo


  • Eparts phone battery manufacturer

    Eparts phone battery manufacturerEparts BusinessEPARTS has progressively become the world's leading manufacturer of mobile phone batteries, providing one of the biggest ranges of specialized li-io


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