Saudi Arabia Customer

2019-03-26 15:32:30

This is a customer from HK Global source show, at the very beginning, customers first asked our factory personnel and equipment by telephone. Next, we talked about a batch of iPhone 6G batteries that needed production. Because the brand requires high quality, the customer says that the factory must be inspected at the factory. If passed, he will communicate with us again for more details.
Soon, we agree with the client's on-site inspection. After inspection, a few days later, the customer will provide us with all the design and authorization, so that we can arrange the samples. We have always attached great importance to all customers not only brands, so the qualified samples will be delivered to customers in 3 days.

During this period we have always maintained communication, It didn't take long, the customer said this iPhone 6G battery can arrange production in the morning.

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iPhone 6G battery

Customer Reviews:
We've been working with Eparts for many years, and we are always satisfied with the Eparts quality. They keep promise and try to do their best for everything, and they are mature at production and craftmanship,  I'm not at all worried about the quality of the product.