• Saudi Arabia Customer

    This is a customer from HK Global source show, at the very beginning, customers first asked our factory personnel and equipment by telephone. Next, we talked about a batch of iPhone 6G batteries that


  • Italy Customer

    Claudio is the customer we found by sending an email. By knowing that we know that Claudio wants to be its own brand, it specializes in phone battery quality. I think we can help him. Yes, we are very


  • Dubai Customer

    This client is Gitex show from Dubai. When we met, customers were looking for iPhone 6S battery. I think our products could satisfy him.We soon met, after the chat, that night, the customer put forwar


  • Argentina Customer

    Michel is our first customer on the first day of the MWAC show.Michel is a wholesaler in the United States. His battery quality requirements are very high, and the quality of his existing supplier'


  • Brzil Customer

    This  is a customer firs we met at the Hong Kong Electronics Show. Because  they have their own brand, they pay great attention to the quality of  mobile phone batteries. And  the


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